V-Top products: "a notch above" in matter of riot gear

V-Top offers a full range of top quality protection equipment for police forces and correctional staff for use during public protests and riots:
• Fire-resistant long johns
• Impact-resistant jackets
• Gloves
• Shinguards
• Groin protection for men and women
• Elbow and forearm protectors
• Hip and thigh protectors
• Boots
• Ultra-resistant helmets
• Nomex (fire-resistant) overalls, making it possible, if necessary, to make protection equipment more commonplace.
• Lightweight and highly resistant see-through shields for blocking, deflecting or channelling solid or liquid projectiles.

V-Top equipment is designed to fit people of all sizes. It is used by the majority of police forces in Quebec, including the Sûreté du Québec, as well as by many other police forces including the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

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