The story behind Clauma and V-Top riot gear
For over 15 years now, Clauma has been perfecting the design of its highly effective riot gear marketed worldwide under the V-Top brand name. Today, this protection equipment is used by strategic police forces during public protests or riots and by correctional facility personnel all over the world.

In addition to offering greater security, comfort and flexibility, the V-Top personal protection ensemble consists of the most lightweight and ergonomic products of their kind on the market. Manufactured with care by experienced Clauma personnel in Sainte-Julie, Quebec, (Canada), 90% of these products are exported all over the world for use by the most reputed police forces.

V-Top protection equipment is sold in 130 countries including Canada, the United States, Australia, Great Britain, France, Italy, Norway, Poland, Iceland, the Czech Republic, Mexico, Venezuela, Guatemala, and various Latin American countries, as well in Kuwait and elsewhere in the Middle East, and also in Macao, China. V-Top protection equipment is used by police forces at meetings of heads of state, including the recent summit meetings of the G8 and G20 in Canada.

Whatever the need: be it crowd control during public protests or riots, massive police intervention, or riots in correctional facilities, Clauma’s ultra-lightweight V-Top body protection ensemble—which comes in all sizes and includes everything from helmets to shield, knee pads and shinguards, elbow protectors, protective shells, long john tops, gloves and shoes—is acknowledged as being “a notch above the rest” in matters of protection.

Other quality Clauma products

Clauma also manufactures, for clients large and small, made-to-measure products used to transport and handle specialty objects or equipment, such as crates, cases, handbags or backpacks, shoulder bags and other such articles.

Clauma: a world of experience and know-how

Clauma was founded over 30 years ago as a manufacturer of sports clothes. Today, thanks to its world renowned V-Top product line, the company is recognized as an undisputed world leader in riot gear. Still under the sound guidance and direction of Mr. Denis Poulin, its founding president, and ably assisted by Mrs. Claudia Poulin, his daughter, who has been an active force in the company for over 15 years, Clauma has earned an enviable reputation for excellence.

From the beginning, Clauma has always prioritized a competent and experienced staff. Backed by 15 years of expertise in the manufacture of V-Top brand products, Clauma personnel have never ceased refining and improving this product line to make it the most sought after protection equipment in the world today.

With the implementation of JIT (Just in Time) manufacturing principles, Clauma is able to maximize the time-motion efficiency of all its work positions. In the words of its president: “To optimize the performance of our leading edge technological equipment there’s nothing like the excellence of our experienced work force dedicated to the production of the “perfect” lightweight equipment, that is not only highly effective against blunt force impact but is also as resistant as it is durable”.

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